Lorena Garcia wants to be a U.S. senator and Democrats should be very excited about her.

She’s not a stateswoman or budget geek, she has no actual legislative experience or policy expertise. In other words, she’s not at all qualified to be a U.S. Senator.

But, she can check off numerous boxes on the Democrats’ diversity checklist and that’s all they care about.

She’s hispanic, she’s married to a woman, she’s a leftists activist, and she’s not been corrupted by real world job experience except as special interest advocate for her race.

She has a cookie-cutter platform geared towards women and other minorities and some liberal voter, that doesn’t actually mirror the work or experience required of a U.S. Senator.

She doesn’t sound at all unique, more like a stereotype of so-called diversity of everything except ideas.

But like we said, the Democratic base will be excited to have her in the race, even if they don’t have any intention of voting for her.