Jason Crow made a rookie mistake before he was even elected congressman, and now he and the 6th District will have to pay the price for that.

Crow campaigned on the promise he would vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker if Democrats took control of the House.

When Democrats actually won (That’s okay, Crow, we didn’t see it coming either), the soon-to-be freshman lawmaker faced the dilemma of breaking a promise and losing the trust of his constituents, or keeping his word thereby putting his district in a terrible position.

Crow’s people are now telling the media he kept his word and voted against Pelosi in the closed-doors election this week.

But of course Pelosi won her party caucus nomination, and is expected to be elected Speaker of the House when Congress convenes in January.

Crow wasn’t the only Democrat in the Colorado delegation to vote against the new and very powerful leader, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter opposed her, as expected.

So welcome, Mr. Crow, to the ranks of obscure congressmen from Colorado who will get no favors from leadership.