Last night, the nation mourned as everyone’s favorite Grandpa, President George H.W. Bush, died peacefully in his sleep. President Bush was one of the longest serving public servants our country has seen and also one of its finest men. Not only will be missed, but America misses his kindness and humility. You can read all about his incredible life in every other news publication, but we thought we’d bring you a few fond memories and thoughts that Colorado politicos have about George H.W. Bush.

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Former Colorado Republican Governor Bill Owens: “…I am particularly proud of my many-year friendship with President George HW Bush. I worked for him as a US House Page (messenger) while in high school (those of us who were Pages went to school in a special school from 6-10 AM in the Library of Congress), worked in his US Senate (TX) campaign where I worked directly for and reported to his son, George W., then worked with both of them in all their Presidential campaigns. This picture was taken in my high school days, and then signed by him again as Vice President and President. My favorite fact about President Bush? He was the youngest commissioned carrier pilot in the US Navy (age 18), at 19 was flying a Grumman Avenger attack plane off the USS San Jacinto when he was shot down during an attack on a Japanese island. He completed his bomb run and crashed out at sea, the only survivor of his four man crew. He was later–incredibly–rescued by a US submarine, a rescue which was filmed (you can see it on YouTube) by a submarine crewman….”

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez: “His was a time when politicians actually cooperated, when compromise wasn’t seen as a political indictment, when political opponents could still respect each other, when Honor, Character, and Love-of-Neighbor were more than just words in the dictionary. His death represents the end of an era. To say he’ll be missed is a gross understatement. May he rest in eternal peace.”


Melissa Kuipers, partner at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schrek: “As a kid, I wrote a letter to 41. And, a few months later, he wrote back and sent a photo. For years, I believed that THE PRESIDENT had taken the time to send me a letter. I framed it and it hung in my room. It made me so excited. And encouraged. And gave me a sense of pride in our country, our leaders, and what I could become. It wasn’t until years later that I realized the letter was most likely prepared and signed by staff. But it didn’t matter. Thank you, President George H.W. Bush, for making a young kid from Seminole, Florida feel special, believe that she could be anything, and that you cared. Rest In Peace and in the comfort of the angels, Sir. You will be missed.”

Dan Haley, President of Colorado Oil and Gas Association: “President George H.W. Bush was a true American hero in a country seemingly bereft of such men. He was not only a member of the Greatest Generation but he was its leader, fighting for his country during World War II and fighting for his country during a lifetime of public service. As a president, he was sometimes accused of being aloof and out of touch, of lacking that ‘vision thing.’ But I think history will remember him as a man who appealed to our better angels. While Ronald Reagan saw America as a shining city on a hill, Bush saw ‘a thousand points of light.’ He believed in the goodness of America and the American people and he called upon us to be even better. As a country we need to cherish and continue to fight for what President Bush fought for his entire life: Not just freedom and liberty for our country but for decency and respect in our politics and discourse. A kinder, gentler nation.”

Republican communications guru Owen Loftus: ‪”When I was in kindergarten, I proudly told my Democratic parents that I supported @GeorgeHWBush for president. It’s 30 years later, and he’s still my favorite president. RIP, 41.‬”