Democratic Representative-elect Jason Crow told voters he would vote no to re-electing the reviled Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. He swore up and down that would be the case. It looks like he will be able to fulfill his promise, but only because future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has given him permission to vote no, according to multiple sources.

The way it was done was honestly the most D.C.-insider thing ever. Here’s the mechanics of it from National Review:

“While Pelosi was running unopposed, the party modified the standard nomination ballot to include a ‘no’ option, so that freshman Democrats who ran on opposing her could tell their constituents they followed through on their respective pledges. Pelosi reportedly supported those freshmen lawmakers, giving them the go ahead to vote “no” to preserve their political capital.”

How smarmy and gross.

So, Crow gets to vote no after receiving permission to oppose the person he claimed he wouldn’t support. In voting no, he’s still kowtowing to her leadership. This backroom showmanship is exactly why people hate D.C. and no Coloradan should be fooled by it.