In one corner, we have Gov. Hickenlooper who was not officially running for president in his nearly year-long campaign to run for president.

In another corner, we now have U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet unofficially tossing his hat around the ring for a presidential run.

So what do Coloradans think about two potential candidates from their state, folks they know or have followed for years, lining up for the presidency?

They’re recruiting Bernie Sanders of Vermont to run again.

It’s a fruitless effort. Democrats so easily forget that it was Democrats who robbed Sanders of a Colorado win in 2016, when superdelegates handed their votes to Hillary Clinton. State party leaders would assuredly do it again for one of their own.

We just find it hilarious that Democrats aren’t racing to back Hick or Bennet.

It’s interesting that Hick and Bennet have spoken to each other about running, and are okay that two, white, mediocre Democrats from the same state would be in contention with dozens of other Democrats who most assuredly will come in a larger variety of colors and backgrounds with more aggressive liberal tendencies.

If by some miracle Bennet were to win the nomination, then Gov. Polis could appoint Hick to his Senate seat. And if Hick were to be nominated, it’s no loss for Bennet, who isn’t up for reelection until 2022.

We don’t have any actual details of their conversation, but we would be willing to bet money that’s the plan.

And if both lose the nomination, well, they both come home with a PAC full of cash to hand out to their political friends and increase their power base.

That is, unless, no one takes either seriously and their campaigns never get off the ground.