We’re not the only ones stomping our feet and raising a ruckus over Denver’s plans for legalizing opium dens.

Law enforcement officials have taken note of the outrageous proposal, and are weighing in with their sensible explanation of why this plan is batsh!t crazy.

It’s illegal, and those who break the law and their enablers will be punished.

“ … anyone who violates a section of U.S. Code that prohibits anyone from maintaining premises for using controlled substances faces property forfeiture, up to $250,000 in fines and up to 20 years in jail.”

The Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Attorney’s office basically accused the council of blundering their way blindly towards a fix for opioid addiction that won’t fight addition, but instead “normalize serious drug use.”

And, it turns out the shooting galleries won’t be limited to just opioid or heroin users, but to those who shoot up meth, cocaine and other drugs.

This totally contradicts the main argument that such centers would prevent drug overdosing, because there is no antidote for nurses standing by to administer.

All these centers will accomplish, is putting the public safety at greater risk.