Tonight, Democratic Sen. Dan Kagan announced that he was resigning from his seat, which encompasses Aurora, Foxfield, Greenwood Village, Englewood and Littleton – oh, and of course Cherry Hills Village. While Kagan gave no explicit reason for his departure, the Aurora Sentinel noted that he had been embroiled in controversy since last year over whether he inappropriately used the women’s bathroom at the state capitol after repeatedly being asked not to.

We’re guessing his reasoning goes something like this (note, this is not a direct quote from Kagan, but us hypothesizing about his rationale):

“I’m rich AF. I hate serving with my caucus at the State Capitol because they’re a bunch of idiots. I should be able to use whichever bathroom I want. Again, because I’m rich AF. I don’t need to put up with this bullsh!t. I’m going to enjoy my life.”

His resignation will take place January 11. A vacancy committee will appoint his replacement, which is thought to likely be Rep. Jeff Bridges, son of Rutt Bridges. Although, we could be surprised. Certainly, Democrats’ tendency to elect the most radical possibility has only intensified over the past two years. Stay tuned.