In case you missed Democrats’ House committee assignments earlier this week, we’re here to summarize it for you. They love social issues and hate commerce, which about sums up the ethos of the Democratic Party anyway. But we digress. One assignment in particular gave us pause.

It’s fairly unbelievable that Democrats would put Emily Sirota on any committee dealing with energy policy. Yet, here we are. Emily Sirota is officially part of the Energy and Environment Committee per the House Dems press release.

Who cares though, right? She’s a Democrat, and all Democrats are probably of the same mindset, right? Wrong. Emily Sirota has a virulent dislike of the oil and gas industry. Take her reaction to the failure of Proposition 112. It wasn’t anything remotely like Democratic Speaker KC Becker, who basically said, “The people have spoken.”

Here’s a tweet from then:

And, really, we’re focusing on Sirota, but the composition of this Democratic legislature if far further left than any previously. These aren’t Ed Perlmutter Democrats. These are Bernie Sanders Democrats and it does not bode well for our state.

We suspect that Democratic State Chairwoman Morgan Carroll and her radical agenda is at play here. Buckle your seatbelts, PeakNation. This could be a bumpy legislative session for average Coloradans.