The newly hired communications director at the Denver Sheriff’s office has newly resigned after a backlash from deputies who didn’t care for her social media posts they say were racist.

But wait, there’s more.

Bethany Frisbie Candelaria made the statements against white people, of which she might actually be one.

She also made nasty remarks about Christians, hates Americans, and President Trump.

White people are honkeys, whom she likes to offend because it’s so easy, like telling America to go f#ck itself, she explains on her Facebook page that has now disappeared.

And Jesus, he was some dude who pulled off a prank more than 2,000 years ago so Easter should be celebrated on April Fool’s Day, she writes.

We understand why the sheriff’s office hired her — she can clearly communicate her position.

Officials there now say her Facebook page was private and just recently learned of the offending remarks, but will take “swift action.”

Since she has “resigned,” we’re guessing they communicated to her the sheriff’s office has a duty to uphold the law for Americans, many of whom may be white, or Christian, and that her hatred has no place in a law enforcement agency.

This is what we call a teachable moment for those who traffic in hatred against race, religion, nationality or political beliefs.

It goes both ways.