It seems to be shocking no one but her, but Democratic Aurora City Councilwoman Nicole Johnston, who mysteriously found her car in a ditch and, then, called the police on herself so the officers could slap her with a Driving While Impaired citation, did not win her bid for mayor pro-tem.

In a Facebook post, she claimed that the sitting Mayor of Aurora endorsed her and Democrat City Councilwomen Crystal Murillo and Allison Hiltz, also graduates of far-left campaign booster Emerge Colorado, joined Republican City Councilwoman Angela Lawson in voting for Johnston. We get all of the Emerge ladies sticking together, but it would appear that Lawson may have forgotten who brought her to the dance. Regardless, their votes should tarnish their records. Johnston was unqualified and irresponsible. She wasn’t just pulled over for a DWI, but actually ran her car into a ditch and, then, again, called the police on herself. Exactly how drunk was she initially?

Those who voted against Johnston should be applauded for keeping another Morgan Carroll carbon copy out of a leadership position. But this must be terribly disappointing to Carroll, who has been pulling strings for Johnston since the beginning.