A familiar name is popping up in major news headlines across the country — it’s Rifle homeboy David Bernhardt, who has taken the reins of the Interior Department after Secretary Ryan Zinke’s sudden resignation Friday.

Zinke couldn’t shake the idiotic scandals and trash talk by radical environmentalists and their friends in the media.

They claim Zinke was the mastermind behind all things extreme. Zinke allowed public lands to be used by the public, he refused to turn off our lights and heat by ending energy development and overturned many a ridiculous Obama administration rule.

Wait, did we say Zinke? Our bad. The New York Times has discovered Bernhardt’s job was also to develop policy, so now they are blaming those they don’t like on him.

Zinke is yesterday’s news, now the liberal lapdogs have Bernhardt in their sights will do everything in their power to try and smear him and prevent his advancement from acting secretary, to secretary.

They have little to go on, except his work representing clients in the energy industry. Bernhardt is a lawyer, and being a westerner, he specialized in western issues and that includes energy.

What the media and Big Environment will learn quickly, as the New York Times even acknowledged:

At the same time, they (critics) note that Mr. Bernhardt’s long experience in Washington and with the law means he is unlikely to make ethical missteps.

Bingo. Those who know Bernhardt says he’s clean as a whistle. The acting hall monitor, if you will, who is not afraid to speak up at the slightest whiff of impropriety.

He won’t walk an ethical tightrope, he’ll cut it down and walk away.

It’s his ability to spot wrongdoing that makes him such a treasure for the West. He knows when government regulations have clearly overstepped the bounds of law, and is confident in saying so and turning wrongs into rights.

Bernhardt is the right man for the job, and we urge President Trump to give him the job.