Jason Crow

House Democrats think the November win equals a mandate from the people to pass gun control, so guess what their number one priority is when they take control in January?

The Daily Mail says the resurgence of gun-control madness is due to high-profile election wins by candidates who received an F rating from the NRA, citing Colorado’s Jason Crow in particular.

With this new stable of young House Dems, Nancy Pelosi and her old school leaders think they have the muscle they need to demand a national gun registration.

We suspect they will also move to ban every gun model they can think of, until the only weapons we’re left with are black powder guns.

The good news is, Republicans are still in control of the Senate where cooler and conservative heads will prevail, and the Democrats efforts will come to a screeching halt.

Unfortunately, we will have to endure several months of doomsday predictions from Democrats, who will do their best to frighten every parent in the country into thinking that no school is safe unless all guns are banned.

Basically, a replay of Crow’s congressional campaign.