We see jokes on social media all the time about how government expenditures should use GoFundMe campaigns. We laugh, and we secretly like it because, really, who would set up and/or contribute to a GoFundMe account to fund a study of romance novels, for example, to the tune of $914,000? Nobody, that’s who. And that’s the point.

But then there are other expenditures that we wish the government would take more seriously, like funding a border wall. While Democrats have maligned border walls as useless or, even irrationally, as somehow an anomaly. The truth is that many countries successfully use border walls to ensure security and stem illegal immigration.

One Colorado-based organization is taking the funding of the wall into their own hands. WeFundtheWall.com was initiated by a combat veteran triple amputee who received a purple heart for his bravery, Brian Kolfage. His business partner, Amanda Shea, is based in Castle Rock and she helps manage the back end. Since standing up the GoFundMe page, the effort has brought in over $15 million from more than 250,000 people over the last five days, which is impressive. That’s not even counting the checks to the P.O. Box in Castle Rock that the two have received.

The entire effort hopes to raise one billion dollars. If it doesn’t, the duo will return the funds. The big question is how to get this money into the bloodstream of the federal government if they do raise the money. The two say they’re working on it.

Either way, a quarter of a million donations cannot be ignored. Try as liberals might, there is no doubt that there is a will to build this wall from the American people. It appears that Kolfage and Shea just need to find the best way.