The folks over at public radio are ever so excited about the droves of Canadian geese invading downtown Denver, thanking global warming in part, and efforts during the 1950s to repopulate numbers that had dropped into the hundreds.

They make the annual invasion of 180,000 birds sound downright dreamy:

The word is out among the birds: Denver is legit. When the geese start south, hundreds of thousands of them have Colorado in mind. And because Canada goose are very site faithful, they tend to migrate to the same place every year — with grandma, grandpa and creepy uncle Carl in tow for the entire holiday season. Some even stay for good because they’ve found love in the eyes of a local (Parks and Wildlife says don’t feed the birds) or they can’t get enough of the beautiful mountain views or the swanky parks.

The geese just love our parks, because the habitat is so inviting.

The grass they completely devour is plentiful, and they leave as thanks a blanket of goose poo that covers the park and pollutes ponds.

Liberals think they’re downright lovely. Probably because they haven’t stepped in it, or scraped it off their cars.

We’re surprised they haven’t asked the city to close all the parks to humans, because the habitat is so essential to the Canadian Goose’s well-being.

You know, like they did with the Western Slope, on behalf of the sage grouse.