Much has been been made of the ridiculous/hilarious/”holy-crap-they’ve-raised-HOW-MUCH?!” GoFundMe account that seeks to raise $1 billion to erect a wall on the border of our Mexican neighbors. Nothing screams patriotism like rolling up your sleeves and taking sovereignty into your own hands, amiright?

Folks, that ain’t tax-deductible, but if you’re going to just light money on fire, let’s keep it close to home, and let’s make it worthwhile. In case you had the audacity to spend Christmas with your family and missed the newest GoFundMe effort, lo and behold, there’s a new GoFundMe page out there that seeks to build a wall around Colorado (and presumably, to make California pay for it, eventually). Description as follows:

“Here in Colorado we are being accosted by outsiders jacking up our rent, smoking our weed and using our preciously fracked energy. We need a WALL around Colorado to stop people from entering. In addition, I promise to use these funds to attempt to force out anyone who has moved here in the last 10 years in an effort to MAKE COLORADO GREAT AGAIN!!!

Chill, guys. The fellow who made the page is joking, and plans to donate all funds raised to a local charity focused on youth music.

In the spirit of the new year, let’s agree to agree for once. Go fund a bunch of new violins for disadvantaged youth. It’ll make you feel better than furiously shipping your cash toward an electrified moat that will never come to pass.