Hang on to your wallets, PeakNation™, the Colorado State Legislature gaveled in to session today. Noticeably absent from some leadership speeches was the anti-oil and gas rhetoric that was so popular during the campaign session. That said there are 28 new members entering the state legislature, many from the left. Make that far left. Besides the massive overreach that we’re expecting (because they just cannot help themselves),

Here are the issues that we’re watching and we think you should watch them, too.

  1. Greenie agenda: Look for new mandates (of course, because how else would they force people to do things that are more expensive or less practical?) to stymie oil and gas development, to encourage electric cars usage, to boost solar and wind, and more. While leadership may not want to pick a fight, it will remain to be seen whether the newbies will.
  2. Universal healthcare: Democrats have claimed that they will push for a state-run purchasable healthcare. It sounds like a great idea until everyone has to wait 15 years for an MRI.
  3. Red flag legislation: Democrats have promised it. Republicans don’t really have the votes to block it. So, there’s that. But that’s what we get when Second Amendment groups advocate so viciously they elect Democrats.
  4. Paid family and medical leave: Because employees and employers can’t decide how to best handle employee leave. Obviously. Sarcasm.
  5. Legalized heroin: Everyone wants a solution to the opioid crisis, but plowing tons of money into safe injection sites just isn’t the answer.

Either way, we can’t wait for the craziness this legislative session will bring. Bring it on!