Congratulations Boulder on turning thousands of your residents into criminals with the constitutionally questionable assault weapons ban and gun registration.

Only 342 weapons were registered by the Dec. 31 deadline, reports Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times.

Who are the holdouts?

“Gun-toting hippies” who view the law passed by the city council as gun registration, Richardson reports.

And it is.

Owners of shotguns, semiautomatic pistols and rifles must give the police department money, undergo a background check and apply for certification to keep the weapons, or get rid of them.

Officials insist they won’t be going door-to-door to enforce the ban.

They also claim it’s not a gun registration because they don’t keep records.

We don’t believe for a minute records aren’t kept. Because if there’s no record of it, then why bother getting the weapon certified?

Certificates can be lost, stolen, destroyed in fires or other mishaps.

So how will the owner prove their gun is legal in such cases?

By the gun registration, of course.