Democratic Senators including Colorado’s Michael Bennet kicked off the new session with a bill to eliminate Obamacare and give tax refunds to all of America’s workers.

Just kidding.

Their number one priority is forcing President Trump to disclose all of his tax returns, so they introduced a bill that would force future nominees and the sitting president to make the documents public.

Guess who else thinks the president should be forced to divulge tax returns? Our own incoming governor, Jared Polis.

Shortly after Mr. Trump assumed office, Mr. Polis sponsored a resolution directing the House to request the president’s 2006-15 tax returns for review by the House Ways and Means Committee, but the move was blocked by Republicans.
“[T]he American people have the right to know whether or not their president is operating under conflicts of interest related to international affairs, tax reform, government contracts or otherwise,” said Mr. Polis in a floor speech March 20, 2017.

Polis’s estimated net worth is more than $300 million, and he was accused during the campaign of having skipped paying taxes for about five years.

But did Polis make his tax returns public? No, he did not.

Polis, Bennet and other Democrats need to own up to their “Do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy, and admit they only want Republicans to disclose their most personal financial details.

Because if Democratic politicians actually played by their own rules, their base would be shocked to learn they’re the ones who really belong to the party of the rich.