Democrats love to crow about how they support women; yet, even after stocking the state Senate full of Democrat women, Democrats elected two men to be their leaders. This year’s Democrat-majority Senate isn’t led by Sens. Rhonda Fields, Angela Williams, or Lois Court, experienced legislators, it is led by Leroy Garcia, Senate President, and Steve Fenberg, Majority Leader.

So much for breaking glass ceilings. If Michelle Obama was here, she would say that female Democrat Senators, who make up 12 out of the 19 Senators in the Democrat caucus, “voted against their own voice.”

When we pushed Emerge Colorado on the obvious narrative discrepancy, they simply rejected the notion and said Republicans should be ashamed to not have as many female Senators. She’s right. It would be a great thing to have more women elected as Republican state Senators.

But, here’s the problem.

Most of the Republican women who lost their races lost to Democrats, and lost because Democrats dumped buckets of money into the races. In addition, when liberals vilify conservative women in the media as they so often do, it has a chilling effect on conservative women’s willingness to throw their hats in the ring.

And, that, PeakNation™, is shameful. That conservative women stepped forward and lost isn’t shameful. When liberal women silence conservative women, that should require some soul searching from our friends across the aisle.