Remember when Coloradans used to advise other Coloradans about running for office in Colorado to represent Coloradans?

It seems we are no longer in charge of our own destiny.

The U.S. House Democratic whip from Maryland decided that Jason Crow should be the party’s congressional candidate the 6th district.

Now, New York Senator Chuck Schumer who leads Democrats in that chamber is deciding who the party’s Senate candidate should be to run against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in 2020.

Schumer’s holding auditions for his caucus, beginning with John Hickenlooper.

“He wants to talk to me,” Hickenlooper told CPR. “I have no idea what he’s said (about Hickenlooper running) … Back and forth, we’ve said ‘Yes, I will sit down, happy to talk to you.’”

We’re guessing all cell phones must be left outside the door during this meeting, considering the ruckus that followed when Levi Tillemann released his recorded meeting with Whip Steny Hoyer, who told him to get out of the race against Crow for the party’s nomination.

Since Hickenlooper’s polling at “Who’s dat?” in the presidential race, and plain old white dudes without an interesting religion or sexual preference to add to their resume are being shown the door in the national Democratic Party, Hick’s job pickings are getting pretty thin.