Jason Crow

America is in the grips of a public health crisis and Democratic U.S. Rep. Jason Crow is doing something about it, according to Denverite.

He will solve the problem by signing his name to someone else’s bill to reduce health costs, expand mental health treatment, require background checks across the country for gun purchases.

It’s that ever elusive “gun show loophole” Democrats want to close. You know, the one that no longer even exists.

All guns purchases from licensed dealers at gun shows must first go through a background check before the transaction is complete.

So why the legislation? Because congressional Democrats are now targeting private sellers.

That means if the Widow Smith wants to sell the guns of her dearly departed husband to a relative or neighbor, she will be a criminal unless she conducts a background check of some sort — the bill has yet to explain what kind of check will be suitable to prevent mass shootings.

This bill is just a feel good piece of legislation that will not stop criminals from buying guns illegally, but instead will turn regular citizens into criminals.

Anyone who owns a guns, can’t sell it to their relatives, friends, or even a firearm dealer without first conducting some sort of background check under this bill.

Crow should be ashamed of himself for putting politics above Americans’ constitutional rights.