KC Becker

Gov. Jared Polis gave a warm and fuzzy inaugural speech, appearing to set all at ease that our differences will not divide us.

Said Polis:

“Diversity makes our state healthier and more prosperous. We complement one another, learn from each other, make each other better, and in that work, we respect each other’s rights, sharing a common faith in our abilities and our future while having real conversations about how to make progress.”

If only he were talking about political differences, which Democrats got a head start in setting the tone this legislative session with pure nastiness.

Colorado House Speaker KC Becker said in her speech she’s all about divisive, identity politics.

According to her, Democrats beat Republicans because “Coloradans chose compassion and opportunity over cruelty and chaos.”

We find this response in a Gazette editorial to be right on the mark:

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Jeff Hays compared Becker’s “cruelty and chaos” remark to Hillary Clinton’s infamous description of Republicans as a “basket of deplorables.”

Becker’s comment wasn’t off the cuff. She insulted Colorado’s 1 million registered Republicans — along with others who did not vote her way — in a written, edited and vetted speech. She meant it.

“So Republican voters, whether white, black or brown, employees or owners, stay-at-home moms or graduates just entering the work force, are the forces of cruelty and chaos?” Hays wrote in a mass email responding to Becker. “Turns out, 2019 Colorado Democrats respect you only if you voted for them.”

Actually, only one-third of all registered Colorado voters cast ballots for Polis, not exactly what we would call a mandate.