The Aurora Sentinel came out with a spiteful and biting editorial urging Democrats to take President Trump’s deal of allowing protections for “Dreamers” – kids brought to America when young who are not U.S. citizens, in exchange for the funding to build the wall (or glorified fence). Make no mistake, the Sentinel hates the President and hates the deal, but the premise is right on and the piece unwittingly puts the onus on Democrats (where half of it absolutely belongs) for the government shutdown.

From the piece:

“Democrats have no choice but to cave to extortion. Trump and Republicans are willing to perpetuate this at any and all costs, and the costs to the nation are too high. Give them their wall, and fight the scourge of his presidency and his cohorts another way, on other day.”

Vitriol aside, this is a good deal and one that Democrats would have taken even a couple of years ago. The government re-opens, Dreamers are protected and encouraged to find a path to citizenship, and the President gets his wall. Any Democrat who rejects this proposal is clearly putting politics before the well-being of 15,000 government workers in Colorado and before Dreamers who have been begging for a chance to make their circumstances right. And, by any Democrat, we’re looking at you, Jason Crow. Take the deal.