Of all the sob stories about the effects of the partial federal government shutdown, this one from Colorado’s Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold takes the cake.

Warning: It involves the specter of Russians.

Griswold’s politically partisan fear-mongering goes like this:

“Playing politics over a border wall is affecting actual national security issues by hindering states’ abilities to enhance election security,” said Griswold. “In a time when we know foreign governments are actively trying to influence U.S. elections, the federal government’s closure is reckless.”

And exactly how has the shutdown impacted Colorado’s election security in the last few weeks?

A meeting was cancelled.

Not only that, but another meeting of state election officials set for Jan. 30 in Washington, D.C. is also in jeopardy of postponement.

Oh, the horror.

Our election system is still safe and secured, we are assured.

But if we are to keep the Kremlin at bay from interfering in the Denver City Council in May, meetings must be held,  junkets to Washington must be conducted.

When bureaucrats can no longer hold meetings, the Russians have surely won.