This weekend was filled with allegations of racism against a group of Covington Catholic High School students who participated in a pro-life rally in D.C. Many were quick to judge the “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing kids after a portion of a video appeared to show them being disrespectful to a Native American elder. But, then, the full video came out and it wasn’t as cut and dry and it turns out these high schoolers showed more restraint than adults more than twice their age after being ridiculed and provoked.

That didn’t stop one Douglas County, Colorado teacher from weighing in – and weighing in incorrectly, might we add. Michelle Grissom, a teacher at Mountain Ridge Middle School, first identified the wrong Covington Catholic student, calling him a “Hitler Youth.” When the (incorrectly identified) kid’s father tries to correct her, she doubles down and goes on a rant against so-called Christian bigotry. Who is this lady?

Perhaps not a shock – there’s already a website up calling for her to be fired. We wish we could say her actions are surprising, but we’ve seen bullying of kids by teachers and administrations over and over again throughout Colorado. But should she be fired? Well, let’s just say, with her vitriolic bias against the current President and her position of teaching social studies, we wouldn’t want her teaching our kids.

Your tax dollars hard at work, folks.