Michael Bloomberg

Presidential wannabe Michael Bloomberg has a uniquely twisted perception of the drug problem in America, calling legalized marijuana the “stupidest thing anybody has ever done,” while footing the financial bill for health studies that support drug injection sites.

Bloomberg vowed to fight the legalization of recreational marijuana along with the help of Bloomberg Philanthropies, while stumping for president this week.

As PeakNation™ will recall, those philanthropic endeavors includes Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, the leaders of studies pushing injection sites for heroin and meth users.

In that post, we originally accused Bloomberg of being “addicted to stupidity.” We had no idea Colorado would soon be locked in a battle with the former New York mayor over who is the stupidest.

But if the Democratic Colorado legislature and Gov. Polis pass legislation to legalize shooting galleries for users, we will have to concede that Colorado is indeed the stupidest.