Senate Republicans tried to reopen the government Thursday but Democrats flat out refused to compromise, instead offering flimsy excuses for extreme partisanship that has government workers moving to the unemployment rolls.

Take U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, for example, he voted for the Republican compromise and the Democratic counteroffer — a stalemate that would only open government for a few weeks.

The key word here is stalemate — Democrats refuse to budge because they take too much delight in denying President Trump his campaign promise of funding a border wall — even at the expense of their own federal workforce and our economy.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet actually went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to defend his refusal to vote for the Republican compromise, while insisting Democrats are strong on border security.

Bennet says he was one of the movers and shakers in 2013 who wanted to fund 350 miles of border fencing but their bill failed. So see, he’s all for border walls, just not Trump’s.

Why did Bennet’s measure fail? Because it included amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants.

So Bennet was for border walls, before his was against border walls?

Bennet also had the gall to attack U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in a floor speech Thursday for the Texas Republican’s part in the 2013 government shutdown to kill Obamacare.

The nerve of Cruz, Bennet roared, to shut down the government as Colorado suffered from severe flooding, as his constituents were literally underwater! Never mind the shutdown occured nearly a month after the flood.

What was so galling about Bennet’s timing, his rant came during debate to pay members of the Coast Guard, who put their lives at risk every day to save Americans in peril at sea, and during floods.

Hypocrite, thy name is Bennet.