The Washington, D.C. press corps, soothsayers of Democratic presidential politics, are just not excited about the possible candidacy of either Colorado pols circling the proverbial hat ring.

The names of former Gov. John Hickenlooper and U.S. Michael Sen. Bennet are at least being mentioned — along with dozens of others — but at the bottom of forecast articles.

The most recent puts Bennet below leading contenders, plus those who are definitely running, and at the very bottom of the “who else might run” list.

Hickenlooper is even further below under “Then you have the governors,” and just above “Finally, there is everybody else.”

In total name dropping, Bennet ranks 15th while Hickenlooper hoovers in 19th place out of 23 Democrats teasing a presidential run.

This isn’t an actual, lopsided and weighted Democratic presidential poll, but somebody has to pay attention to these things, the Democratic debates start in June.