Remember that impassioned, fiery speech U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet unleashed on the Senate floor last week about how horribly Colorado suffered during the 2013 government shutdown?

We thought he truly cared about us, about the all the people who were killed in the disastrous flood weeks before the shutdown, about the lives and homes destroyed.

Nope. He did not.

It was all for show to be featured in a Facebook ad Bennet ran in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — states that can’t reelect him as Colorado’s Senator, but are early primary states in the presidential election.

The ad was reported by Todd Shepherd at the Washington Free Beacon.

And it might help explain how a Senate floor speech got so much traction, it was event noted by Jimmy Kimmel the same day the ad ran.

We wonder if the Federal Election Commission (FEC) will also take notice?
This and other Facebook ads were paid for by Bennet’s Senate campaign committee, and directed towards presidential primary state markets rather than Colorado.

The FEC has rules against transferring money from one federal campaign to another, and demands that separate campaign committees be established.

In these instances, Bennet isn’t even bothering to transfer money. He’s blatantly using funds from his Bennet for Colorado Senate campaign to buy political ads in early presidential primary states. He’s obviously not targeting constituents who can reelect him to the Senate in 2022.

If that isn’t foolish enough, Bennet’s floor speech was actually blasting an effort to pay the Coast Guard during the government shutdown.

We doubt very seriously his speech went over well with all the Coasties stationed in New Hampshire and South Carolina.