For Tesla owners in cold climates like Colorado, it turns out that virtue signaling includes some heavy carrying costs beyond the sticker shock of their new Model 3s.  The battery life is significantly diminished in cold weather, and some of those fancy door handles freeze shut. In other words, if you can get in, you can’t get far.

Social media has been buzzing with stories of people who could not even get into their cars during this recent cold snap in the Midwest.  For those of you not privileged enough to have ridden in a Tesla, let us explain that one to you.  The door handles are embedded in the doors, and on the same plane as the exterior surface of the vehicle.

So why is this a big deal?  It is impossible to achieve the same leverage that you could using a traditional door handle. And unless you are trying to kill yourself to reduce your carbon footprint, you don’t want to find your battery running out early on the coldest day of the year.

That’s, of course, why it’s so silly that Colorado, thanks to Governor Polis and the greenies in the legislature, are mandating electric car sales. What works in California like bike lanes and Teslas doesn’t always work well in Colorado.

Brrr. Stay warm, Colorado.