Our state lawmakers are finally getting down to serious business and addressing the problem that matters most, tackling California’s perceived problem with plastic straws.

The dangerous tube that’s plagued society for more than a century was blamed for injuring a sea turtle somewhere, according to a Facebook meme.

So now it’s all the rage for coastal areas like California to institute the strict ban with outrageous fines on wait staff to prevent another sea creature from being injured with plastic straws.

So of course, the Democratic-controlled legislature in Colorado must get in on the act.

As goes California, so goes Colorado.

Restraint is being cautioned as lawmakers prepare to jump the preverbal shark with the proposed bill.

It’s not like restaurants are forcing environmental-minded folks to use the offensive item.

Colorado’s “ban” is to be more of a ceremonial, “we feel your pain, California” sort of law.

The resulting bill authored by Democratic state Rep. Susan Lontine would merely instruct restaurants not to automatically give straws to every patron.
Straws will only be given to those who ask for it.

We’re not pro or anti-straw. Quite frankly, we think they look silly sticking out of our beer mug.

Most restaurants are doing away with straws on their own anyway, because that’s what the free market no longer demands.

This is just yet another silly example of the out-of-control nanny state, who are one step away from banning our baby’s sippy cups and juice boxes.