Democratic lawmakers have taken it upon themselves to design a media literacy curriculum to be taught by unionized teachers under the prevue of a special commission that has nary a journalism professor on it.

Democrats think our children need to be taught the difference between real and fake news — you know, MSNBC is real, Fox News is fake — so liberal doctrinarian can continue throughout a child’s lifespan.

If liberals are concerned the internet and social media landscape has become so vast and confusing that children will easily be misled, then try teaching basic reading comprehension first.

Maybe a social media responsibility lecture in English class that teaches trust but verify; don’t trust a story by its headline; memes are not history lessons.

High school kids should probably learn about the structure of newspapers and TV news in general, but to go down the path of real versus fake, that’s biased territory.

Not surprising, the bill is sponsored by state Rep. Lisa Cutter, a PR consultant who moonlights as a political activist and organized the Women’s March in Denver to oppose President Trump.

What agenda could she possibly have in creating a “real news” curriculum for our youth?

Maybe she’s still miffed with “fake news” like The New York Times, which outed her march leaders this year for their anti-semantic comments that drove away Jewish participants.

Teachers will undoubtably love the idea, so they can instruct students to read media outlets that sympathize and write nice things about unions, and ostracize news organizations that don’t.

It’s a blatant attempt to brainwash our youngsters, and parents of both political stripes should be outraged.