If this teachers’ strike was meant to engender sympathy for teachers who allegedly are not paid enough, it’s backfiring. Twitter today was filled with images of kids walking out – some in solidarity with teachers, others because being at school right now is a waste of time.

Surely, this can’t please parents, even those that originally supported the teachers’ strike. Even worse, the union was the entity that walked away from the table (again), leaving Denver Public Schools in the lurch for a second day, unless something happens overnight (which we doubt).

Remember, PeakNation™, when teachers and their union bosses say that this strike is for the kids, they’re simply playing on your sympathies. Given that the union turned down an 11% raise for teachers, it’s not even for the teachers and it’s most certainly not for the kids.

If you’re wondering who is winning the PR battle over the strike, let’s just say the union is a bigger loser and the longer this strike drags out, the worse it’s going to be for unions.