The bad news, the state House “Kill Committee” failed to live up to its name and passed the so-called popular vote compact they think will cripple the Electoral College and give Democrats the advantage in presidential elections.

The good news, expert witnesses presented some very persuading arguments as to why the plan doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of Hell seeing the light of day.

It’s no surprise the bill Democrats insisted was bipartisan passed committee on a purely partisan vote, with Democrats the only lawmakers voting in favor of stripping us of our voice in the presidential election.

For those keeping score at home, those Democrats on the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee are Assistant Majority Leader Chris Kennedy, and state Reps. Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Monica Duran, Susan Lontine, Jovan Melton, and bill sponsor Emily Sirota.

More than 80 signed up at the hearing Tuesday to testify, most were against the Democrat compact.

Truly inspiring was the testimony of Richard Collins, a constitutional law professor at the University of Colorado Law School, who explained there is no official system in place to actually count a popular vote, which can be counted numerous different ways depending on whether unpledged electors are included.

“The newspapers tally it up. I don’t think newspapers should be allowed to dictate to Colorado how they should vote,” Collins said.

We’re guessing most news sites will neglect to mention that little morsel.

Professor In Your Face also said the compact Colorado Dems want to join with more populated states like California and New York, which he described as a “Russian system,” doesn’t have a good chance of surviving a Supreme Court challenge.

So despite the worst intentions of our Democrat-controlled legislature and governor, the compact will hopefully be struck down before these politicians get the chance to steal our vote.

Of course, the measure will still go to the full House for a vote, and it’s expected to be signed by Gov. Polis.