Reporters aren’t the only ones with egg on their face after rushing to report the alleged racist and homophobic attack on ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet was also quick to judge and cash the incident in to collect some political points.

But you know what else we should all come together to stand up against? Race baiting and fake news.

Chicago police last week detained and questioned two black male suspects in the alleged beating, and now the focus of the investigation is reportedly back on Smollett and whether he paid the men as part of a publicity stunt.

We know this, because most in the media are trying to clean up the mess they caused and are now reporting this latest information.

ABC News, of all outlets, is actually doing the best job.

Some in the media went off half-cocked and reported the assailants wore Make America Great Again hats.

But that wasn’t in the police report. What was in the report, that trained journalists should have immediately questioned, is why Smollett was still wearing the rope dangling around his neck when police showed up hours later?

Who walks around with a noose around their neck like it’s nothing?

Is Bennet taking responsibility for his earlier statement, maybe suggesting we should wait until the actual investigation is concluded before anyone jumps to conclusions about the motive?

Nope. Not a peep.