The Democrat-sponsored bill to essentially give Colorado’s vote to California is jumping through legislative hoops faster than a trained dolphin at Sea World.

The National Popular Vote bill would put Colorado in a compact with larger states — a move certain to be tested in the courts —to give presidential candidates who won the popular vote rather than the electoral college our votes, whether they won Colorado or not.

The bill has already cleared the state Senate and passed a House committee, it comes up for a full House vote Tuesday. Once it clears that hurdle, and with a Democratic majority, we fear that’s a certain, it will pass one more House reading before going to Gov. Polis for his signature.

No stumbling block there, as Polis has already pledged to sign it.

Also scheduled for final House passage today, the Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education bill. Today’s public schools have gone well beyond the teaching of where babies come from, birth control and how to avoid sexual diseases like AIDS.

This Democrat measure promotes the teaching of sexual experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, while at the same time excluding the teaching of gender “norms” or stereotypes.

No “shame-based or stigmatizing language” allowed, and neither is religion.

There’s also a Democrat bill coming up today for final passage that expands the definition of sexual contact in sex crimes. It’s gross so we’re not going into it, you can read about it here.

Also of interest today, a bill (Democrats, again) that will reduce the maximum jail sentence for certain drug crimes from one year to 364 days.

Why the big deal over knocking one measly day off a sentence? Because serving one year triggers immigration actions and jails can be asked to hold the offender until they can be transferred to federal immigration officials.

It’s one of those sanctuary city benefits that Gov. Polis promised during his campaign he wouldn’t support, but we’re betting he signs this into law as soon as it hits his desk.