John Hickenlooper tried his hand at national security affairs this week at a conference in Germany to get some foreign affairs street cred, but was totally upstaged by crazy Uncle Joe (Biden), who has once again been released from the attic to run for president.

Biden didn’t even have to say anything outlandish to hog all the media attention, his mere presence was all it took to overshadow that presidential candidate from Colorado, whose name no one across the pond can pronounce.

We’ll be curious to see the FEC reports from the trip to see if Hick learned his lesson from all of the ethics charges pending against him for allegedly breaking travel rules while governor.

Meanwhile, Colorado Politics featured the former governor’s overseas jaunt, making sure to note Hick was at least mentioned by the Washington Post.

“Fair trade is something that is at the heart of who we are as a country and always have been,” Hickenlooper told the Post.

Hick’s efforts were completely lost in the early primary states which have commanded all of his attention lately.

But we expect he will be back there this week, assuring New Hampshire that maple syrup is at the heart of who we are as country, and promising Iowa voters that corn is still king, kissing cows in Nevada, and declaring his love for boiled peanuts in South Carolina.