The Western Slope is already rising up to challenge the National Popular Vote bill passed by Democrats in the state legislature, before Gov. Polis even puts pen to paper to sign the bill into law.

Voters are already screaming “recall!” across social media, their ire directed at the Democratic lawmakers who voted for passage.

Meanwhile, Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Monument Mayor Don Wilson have started a rarely used process to actually recall the law.

State law allows a petition to put a new bill before a statewide referendum to ask voters if it should be repealed before it goes into effect. It is rarely used. Once the governor signs the bill, the Secretary of State will then review the format. From there, Pugliese said they will set up a committee, “so that we can raise money to educate voters. And then obviously we’d have to circulate petitions to actually get it on the ballot.”

We got your education right here: It won’t necessarily matter who Coloradans vote for president, because whoever wins the national popular vote would be awarded our votes as well.

It remains to be seen whether it’s legal for Colorado to bind our ballots to voters across our borders, Colorado Public Radio reports.

What is legal, Democrats could soon be learning, again, is recalling legislators and the harmful laws they try and inflict upon us.

Go team.