I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Yesterday on the 2020 campaign trail, Presidential-hopeful and Colorado’s former governor, John Hickenlooper, claimed that a U.S. Senate bid wasn’t for him. According to Politico:

“I’m not cut out to be a senator,” said Hickenlooper, who added that he loves putting administrative teams together. “Senators don’t build teams. Senators sit and debate in small groups, which is important, right? But I’m not sure that’s my — I’m a doer. That’s what gives me joy.”

Well, folks in Colorado might disagree with his status as a doer. Paging Nathan Dunlap, who is still alive thanks to a wishy-washy, kick of the can down the road by Hick.

Nonetheless, we understand why Hick claimed that he’s not Senate material – why muddy the water if his focus is on running for President? But let’s be honest. When – and we do mean when, not if – Hick’s presidential bid has run its course, and he’s looking for the next big thing, the idea of Sen. Hickenlooper might sound awfully appealing to Hick. It’s not as though Hick has been a paragon of focused action anyway.

Then again, he may just be angling for a cabinet position. Democrats will have to win the presidency first, and there’s no way they’re going to do so with the Green New Deal platform that Democrats’ vocal base demands.