Yesterday, House Bill 1143, that would have allowed restaurants to serve plastic straws only when requested, died 10-1 in the Colorado State House Energy and Environment Committee. We’d like to think that commonsense prevailed; however, the truth is that the bill’s sponsor, Democratic Rep. Susan Lontine, asked the committee to vote to postpone indefinitely the bill after she disagreed with some of the amendments tacked on to the legislation.

For example, Republican State Rep. Lori Saine added an amendment that would allow local governments to set their own standards. It was Saine’s amendment that was the “last straw” for Lontine, causing her to pull the bill.

The other so-called issue with the bill was that there was no enforcement mechanism. To us, who think plastic straws are manna from heaven, that sounds delightful.

While we’re cheering that the legislation died, we wouldn’t be surprised to see another similar bill pop up in the near future. No matter how anti-science the “research” done by an elementary schooler was, Democrats are hell-bent on controlling every aspect of our lives.

We’re just so glad that Democrats have solved every single other problem in the world and can must turn their attention to this insignificant matter.