Workers of Denver rejoice! Thanks to the city council and local labor unions, you’ll all be paying those city leaders heftier six-figure salaries while you get to take home a few extra bucks an hour!

As for the rest of Denver, you get to pick up the tab for the generosity of your elected leaders.

Lost in the shuffle of the council’s vote Monday to cave to unions and pump the minimum wage up to $15 over the next two years, is the very generous reward the council and mayor collected in their effort.

Salaries for council members jumped from $92,000 a year to $101,100, the council president’s $103,000 salary rises to $113,000 annually and the mayor was the biggest winner with a bump from $171,000 to $188,000.

Denver voters weren’t given an opportunity to voice opposition to the raises, because no public hearings were held.

Instead, union workers from the airport filled the chamber to shout their support, badda bing, badda boom, taxpayers handed over their wallets in order to give raises to 14 percent of Denver’s workforce.

Council raises won’t take effect until after the next election. So keep in mind, those voting against their own raises were Kevin Flynn, Rafael Espinoza, Kendra Black and Wayne New.