Here comes more backlash for supporters of the Popular Vote scheme with the first recall efforts against lawmakers — state Sen. Jeff Bridges of Greenwood Village and Rep. Meg Froelich of Englewood.

They are among many Democrats who voted in favor of the measure that Gov. Polis is evidently dragging his feet on signing, because of a separate recall effort waiting to launch the moment Polis puts pen to paper that would put the question to voters in a ballot measure.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, the filer on the Bridges/Froelich petitions is Matt Anthony of Englewood. He has yet to submit a hard copy of the petition; once that happens, the secretary of state has seven days to approve it. Contact information for Anthony was not made available by the Secretary of State’s Office, citing departmental policy.

We would be happy to share Anthony’s contact information with interested readers, if Anthony will email it to us at [email protected]

It’s going to take more than 9,500 signatures to recall Froelich, and more than 19,700 signatures to recall Bridges.

Meanwhile, a Facebook group that once supported the recall of former Gov. Hickenlooper, has changed its mission to recalling Polis. That would be a tough challenge to mount, requiring more than 631,000 votes.

Then there’s the measure to recall the law once Polis signs the bill. That effort is organized by Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Mayor Don Wilson of Monument, and they’re going to need 124,000 signatures.

That may seem like an insurmountable number as well, but we had that many clicks on one of the first stories we wrote about the Democrat-controlled state legislature forfeiting our presidential votes to California.

It’s amazing what a motivated, angry voter can accomplish when their vote is threatened.