Last year, we cheered Saira Rao’s primary campaign against Democratic U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette because Rao was plucky and, damnit, DeGette’s been there too freaking long. Sure, we didn’t agree with anything she believed in, but it was fun to watch. But Rao’s latest Twitter rant has us scratching our heads. Here’s a screen shot:

What does that mean? We were with her regarding the unfollowing of people who say nice things about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. But, white feminists are white supremacists? We don’t get it. Declare allegiance to David Duke? Um ok.

Was she high? Has anyone done a welfare check? This doesn’t seem like to normal ramblings of a children’s book author. Some on Twitter have suggested that this may refer to Pelosi’s not quite there support for Ilhan Omar, a Muslim Congresswoman who has spewed weird anti-Semitic sentiment and, then, was shocked – SHOCKED – when leadership took action.

Either way, Rao received 31% of the vote in Denver. Does that say more about Denver or about DeGette? We’re not sure, but damn this lady is weird.