Counter-campaigning reached a new high Thursday during John Hickenlooper’s rally announcing he really, really, this time for sure is running for president.

Instead of hecklers in the audience, or protestors holding signs, an enterprising politico hired an airplane to fly above the outdoor event pulling a banner that read: “BIG HICKUP FOR 2020: JETGATE SCANDAL.”

Whoever is behind the stunt might want to tighten the message for future political event passovers.

It was lost on some spectators who aren’t aware the Democratic candidate is under investigation for possible ethics violations during his jet-setting days as governor.

Or don’t care.

One New York native told Colorado Politics, “That’s literally not a big deal.”

We don’t know who was behind the stunt, but we suspect it could have been any of the 100 other Democrats also running for the nomination.

If a Republican were responsible, most likely the plane’s message would have read: “Fly Me! Before Hick and Green Deal Kill Air Travel.”