We would like to take this moment to welcome Republicans to this year’s session of the state legislature, already in progress.

We’d almost forgotten there were any members of the Grand Old Party left in the capitol, what with all that radical, left-wing nonsense flying through committees at record speed to Gov. Polis’s desk.

Those Republicans still in the state Senate made themselves known in spectacular fashion Monday when they asked that a Senate Bill be read aloud.

All 2,023 pages.

Finally, Democrats are being forced to do their primary job in the upper chamber, which is to deliberate with sober thought and consideration before ramming their nutty legislation down out throats.

Like the wildly unpopular, Popular Vote scheme that Polis has pledged to sign, among many.

In a statement, the Republican Senate leadership said “[r]epeated efforts to get Democrats in the General Assembly to slow down and appropriately vet, debate, and discuss these massive pieces of legislation that threaten billions in state revenue, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the Colorado way of life have fallen on deaf ears … If they won’t slow this process down, we will.”

Bravo, praise be, and all that jazz.

We know Republicans in the legislature are facing a giant wall, if you will, of monumental opposition from the sole party now in charge. And we kid, because we care.

But seriously, guys, good move, right time.

Now the question becomes, can that time be used wisely to knock some sense into the heads of the Powers that Be?