We’re not sure if it’s good news or bad news, but Democrats now say we’ve progressed from global warming and climate change to global cooling.

Many in PeakNation will remember the first global cooling of the 1970s, when another ice age was predicted and liberals warned if government didn’t spend millions of taxpayer dollars, we would all die in a frozen wasteland.

In later years, Al Gore forecast our fiery death with the onslaught of global warming, until he got laughed out of town because blizzards kept interrupting his speeches.

That was replaced by climate change, which happens every spring, winter, summer, fall and Earth Day.

Also forecast with climate change and/or global warming, was a vast reduction in snow totals that would certainly put our ski resorts out of business.

Before anyone else panics over the, uhm, snow forecast, we checked the calendar, and it is indeed #globalcooling still winter.