There used to be a time in the Colorado legislature when Coloradans could come to testify and legislators actually listened to and digested who was being affected by the legislation they proposed. This is a new era in Colorado lawmaking and ain’t nobody going to divert Colorado’s elected Democrats from industry-destroying legislation. Not even hours of testimony against SB19-181, a bill that could irreparably harm Colorado’s oil and gas industry.

Despite hours of testimony in Senate committee and hours of testimony in House committee, nary a single Democrat listened to the workers whose jobs were in danger and voted against this measure. Not. A. Single. One.

What is wrong with these people? Democrats have a three-seat majority on the House Energy and Environment Committee. The thing could have passed with two Democrats voting no. But being right was more important than putting these workers’ jobs first. Who are these cold-hearted Democrats?

Democrats should definitely keep it up. The only reason that people like Democrats is because of their bleeding hearts. Take that away and they’re just cruel. Just like they were last night.

And SB19-181 continues its march to Governor Polis’ desk with a couple more stops in the House. But if the Democratic Representatives in the House Committee on Energy and Environment couldn’t see it in their hearts to vote against this measure, we have no hope for the floor votes. Good luck funding all-day Kindergarten, or any education for that matter, without the oil and gas industry.