Yesterday, Twitter ignited upon hearing that infamous Twitter drama queen David Sirota was going to work as a communications director and speechwriter for Democratic Socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Among the many sentiments expressed by those on Twitter was pearl clutching that a “journalist” like Sirota would hang up his media credentials to advocate for Sanders.

To that we reply – who actually thought that Sirota was a legitimate journalist?

For the uninitiated, here are a few things Sirota (David, not to be confused with his equally-wrong wife, Emily at the state legislature) has written about in his lengthy so-called journalism career: the “economic miracle” of Venezuela (we’d be laughing still, if people weren’t having to eat their pets to survive), his hope that the Boston marathon bomber is white, why every Democrat except Bernie Sanders sucks (while he was working as a so-called journalist), and on and on.

This crap is laughable. It’s a parody. It’s Sirota’s gaslighting of the Twitter universe that has everyone’s panties in a bunch. See exhibit A:

Of course, everyone flocks to Twitter for mentally healthy conversations, right?

But perhaps the best thing to come out of this hilarity is pile on from other Democrats. It warmed our heart to hear fellow limousine liberals “champagne socialists” as if one was worse than the other.

It’s delicious.