Today, Colorado Public Radio interviewed liberal Governor Jared Polis about the recall efforts activists are planning across the state. The headline read that he was “unfazed.” The article points to issues like Red Flag gun laws, National Popular Vote, and oil and gas legislation as drivers of the recall efforts.

Polis’ response? “Literally, it was in my commercials….”

What? What is he talking about? No, it wasn’t.

We don’t recall any ads about Red Flag gun laws and we’re pretty sure there was no mention of NPV, but we know where he stood on oil and gas development. Or at least we think we knew. The Colorado Independent asked which Jared Polis Colorado would get post-election – the guy who wants to ban oil and gas or the guy who will give oil and gas a fair shake? We maintain that Polis has always been the guy who wants to ban oil and gas. Here’s what he said back in August, according to the Colorado Independent:

“Initiative 97 would all but ban fracking in Colorado, a position I’ve never supported however much Walker Stapleton may wish I had,” Polis said Wednesday, adding that he would want to work to enact “stronger” setbacks as a backstop if landowners and operators can’t reach an agreement over land use. He called such agreements “a common source of income for farmers and ranchers,” and said they should have a say “over where surface impact occurs on their land so that it doesn’t interfere with their main livelihood.” [Emphasis The Peak]

Oops, here’s the problem. The legislation that Democrats are shoving through the legislature is essentially a ban on oil and gas. Really. Don’t worry, it gets even better. Later in the article, the Indy quoted him as saying the following:

“‘I can’t promise that I’ll always agree with you on every issue, but I can promise you an open mind, honest feedback and a genuine commitment to find common ground,’ he told the crowd of oil-and-gas folks.”

If this is what an “open mind, honest feedback, and a genuine commitment to find common ground” looks like, we’d hate to see what kind of scorched earth actual war would amount to.