Now that the Mueller report is completed and on its way to Congress with no proof of crimes, collusion or obstruction and no indictments in the works for anyone in the Trump administration, Democrats have fallen on their collective sworn and admitted they were wrong.

Just kidding!

It’s too early for April Fools jokes.

Democrats, including the Colorado delegation, are in deep denial and mourning over Mueller’s Big Bag of Nothing.

Meanwhile, what is the liberal media supposed to do now? They’ve pushed out more than a half million articles blaming Trump for Russian meddling in the election as the reason for Hillary’s loss.

Are they just supposed to go back to writing about boring policy and spouting bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, or God forbid, how great the economy is doing?

They can’t just move on, and Democrats don’t want them to.

By “American people,” U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette means liberal reporters, so they can continue to bash Trump.

And while they’re at it, U.S. Senator and presidential wannabe Michael Bennet suggests the media also go after the attorney general:

We haven’t seen such disappointment among Democrats since the Russians decided communism wasn’t so cool, after all.

Former state Sen. Kevin Grantham summed up their reaction perfectly with his tweet: